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Impact on Classroom Behaviour

28 Mar

The great thing that I have found about doing EDC 3100 ICT and Pedagogy, is that I am transferring knowledge from different courses and integrating them together in my learning. Today, I was at a tutorial for a course I am doing on Managing Challenging Behaviour. My tutor asked the question, “What role do ICT’s have in Behaviour Management?” This made me think, “How could ICT’s assist me in managing challenging behaviour?” I first came up with some very shallow answers, such as using it as a bribe, or reward, or recording information for portfolio’s, and of course the introduction of One School to Education Queensland Behaviour Management Policy. Then I cam accross this video of a school in the States that actually video all classroom experiences. The teacher spoke about the behaviour modifications that can occur for the students, but it also made me think how beneficial this approach could be for teachers in being reflective and positive to feedback. To be able to watch your own teaching, and the way you deal with challenging behaviour, and see what you could improve on could be a great advantage to behaviour management. Food for thought…


Unit planning with a ‘constructivist’ approach

27 Mar

As I dive deeper into Assignment two, I came across a blog post from one of my peers at Lifelong Learning entitled Educator as an Architect. She brought up the concept of lifelong learning, and that, as educators it is our jobs to facilitate a learning environment that is flexible to the times, preparing them for their future. For this reason, Assignment two suddenly became more engaging for me, as I will be creating authentic and real-world  experiences using ICT’s. I need to be reminding myself that I am in a way an architect, building learning experiences that are engaging and relevant for my students. This will be something that I take into Assignment 2 and my teaching career. 

The 5 E’s pedagogical approach- A thought for Assignment 2

26 Mar

Assignment 1 is finished and submitted, now its on to Assignment 2 which is to create a unit plan with the successful integration of ICT’s. In our tutorial this morning, along with looking and selecting our appropriate contexts and curriculum, we discussed some different types of pedagogical frameworks that we could chose to use for our assignment. Out of a range of different models, the one that struck a chord with me was the 5 E’s approach. 

With credit to this website, I will briefly explain what the 5 E’s are all about: 

It is based on a constructivist approach to learning (Which I am all for, and is definitely apart of my own teaching pedagogy!)

There are 5 stages in the 5 E’s process:

1. Engage: The activity should make connections between past and present learning experiences, and then focus students on the current concept.

2. Explore: By exploring their own environment, they identify and develop concepts, processes and skills. 

3. Explain: Verbal explanation and demonstration of new skills

4. Elaborate: Extension of understanding to practice skills through new situations. 

5. Evaluate: Assess own understanding, and lets teachers evaluate students understanding. 


I really like this approach, and think it is definitely something I want to adopt for Assignment 2. I think it links really strongly into the pedagogy of this course and I can easily adapt and make work when aiming to integrate ICT’s into my teaching!

Reflections on my EDC 3100 Journey

25 Mar

The past 4 weeks have been scary but also very beneficial in my pre-service teaching journey. Before starting this course, I had some pre-conceived ideas as to what it would be like, however those ideas have been completely changed. The one thing that I have noticed about this course that is helping me is developing my PLN. Being able to read other teachers blogs, share ideas through Diigo, engage in twitter conversations, engage in classroom discussions, discover new and exciting technologies to bring into the classroom and learn from one another. Honestly, you should see my bookmark page for EDC3100 (It’s huge!) My personal learning networks have increased greatly, and I feel so excited (and a lot less scared) to be integrating ICT’s into my prac. There is so much support out their in regards to technologies, and it has honestly been a really big learning experience. I’m excited for the next part of the course to start! 


ICT capabilities- Australian Curriculum

25 Mar

ICT capabilities- Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum has a number of capabilities that students should be proficient in by the end of their years. This is a very interesting read, and really helped me to make sense of the importance of integration when it comes to ICT. It is not enough anymore to just have an ICT lesson once a week. ICT is in ever facet of our students lives, so it is important that they are able to appropriately and effectively use ICT’s for their benefit for current and future learnings, as well as becoming effective members of our society. Just like we need to learn to drive a car, and learn the rules of the road, so too, do students need to explicitly learn the ins and outs of ICT’s in our world. Will definitely be referring to this in my next assignment, as well as when I am a practicing teacher! 

Alignment when planning for classroom experiences

25 Mar

Last week we began looking at the planning components of teaching with ICT’s. In our tutorial we looked at what the Curriculum had to say about Unit planning and related it back to ICT Integration. (Assignment 2 requires us to create a unit plan). This was extremely helpful, and in looking at some of the learning activities I came across this picture from David Jones’ flickr account (click here). Constructing and transforming knowledge is a basic need for students to achieve when they are learning. Bloom’s taxonomy shows us that their are various ways to do this. In particular it showed me the importance of scaffolding when planning for constructing and transforming experiences for students. 


EDC3100 Assignment 1 Digital Artefact

19 Mar

EDC3100 Assignment 1 Digital Artefact

The link to my digital artefact for Assignment 1.