Sugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud

1 Mar

This is a fascinating talk by Sugata Mitra on student-centred learning where children learn from each other. In regards to ICT education- the hole in the wall experiment gives me hope for a generation of young people that I will be in contact with. In particular I think of the article we discussed in our Tutorial this week: “Five things we need to know about technological change.” That the advantages and disadvantages of technology is never equally distributed amongst the general population. In regards to children who come from low-socio-economic homes, that do not have access to ICT, I think, it gives me hope that although, they do not have access to this information, they have the potential to use it for good. It also makes me mad, that children are so obviously intelligent enough to understand how to use ICT’s, but do not have access to it.

One of the other questions Mitra posed was if, because we have information at the tip of our fingers, for when we need it. Will it be necessary to have schools in the future. So many young people speak about learning things at school that they will never use again, but what if one day they didn’t have to. That they learnt what they needed to learn, from each other.

This video has definitely made me think about ICT’s and the potential good/bad that could come from it.


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