Examinations for students with Dyslexia: BDA Technology

5 Mar

Examinations for students with Dyslexia: BDA Technology

I came across British Dyslexia Association’s website today and found a very interesting page about using computer-based text-to-speech to read out questions for students with Dyslexia in examinations. This has been used, but, until only recently, has it been recognised when the question may be testing the students reading abliity. Interestingly, those who have access to a human reader, cannot receive help when answering questions that test their reading ability. This is a huge disadvantage to these students. However, the Joint Council for Qualifications decided that these students can use a computer text-to-speech reader, as, those with dyslexia are reading independently when they use text-to-speech. This ‘assistive technology’, fills the gaps that have been created due to students with disabilities. As a pre-service special education teacher, this gives me great hope for being able to help students with disabilities reach their potential. 


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