Productive pinterest-ing!

6 Mar

A little while a go I joined Pinterest, mostly because it was ‘the thing’ to do at the time. A friend of mine was getting married and said Pinterest was her wedding planner. She explained to me how it had completely changed her life. Her wedding, was later known in our group of friends as the ‘Pinterest Wedding’, completely DIY, but super creative. So, I joined thinking I would look at it every now and again for some recipe ideas. However, due to my extremely addictive personality, and love for all things creative and innovative, I have surely become a pinterest addict. 

Pinterest is an online ‘pinboard’ where people share ideas with one another. If you like something, you pin it yourself. At first, I was looking at the recipes (I am a chronic baker), and occasionally the fashion and beauty pin boards. However, I have recently come across the education pin boards. Thousands of teachers around the world have joined pinterest to share ideas for classroom teaching. This article shares some of the wonderful ways we can use pinterest in education. As a Primary School, Special Ed pre-service teacher, this gives me some really creative and engaging ways to use pinterest in the classroom. I’m thinking big… Using pinterest with my students to show off their work!

10 years ago, I can’t imagine trying to think up some of these ideas myself. It has become so much easier to engage with other teachers, and share ideas. Thank you EDC 3100 for opening my eyes to the beauty of ICT’s in teaching.



3 Responses to “Productive pinterest-ing!”

  1. Vivien Clark March 7, 2013 at 1:07 pm #

    Thanks for this article Lauren, I have been looking at Pinterest and wondering if I should take the time to investigate further. I can think of so many things to do with it now, both for school and for personal use. I’ve mentioned your post on my edublog so hopefully you can visit sometime.



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