The 5 E’s pedagogical approach- A thought for Assignment 2

26 Mar

Assignment 1 is finished and submitted, now its on to Assignment 2 which is to create a unit plan with the successful integration of ICT’s. In our tutorial this morning, along with looking and selecting our appropriate contexts and curriculum, we discussed some different types of pedagogical frameworks that we could chose to use for our assignment. Out of a range of different models, the one that struck a chord with me was the 5 E’s approach. 

With credit to this website, I will briefly explain what the 5 E’s are all about: 

It is based on a constructivist approach to learning (Which I am all for, and is definitely apart of my own teaching pedagogy!)

There are 5 stages in the 5 E’s process:

1. Engage: The activity should make connections between past and present learning experiences, and then focus students on the current concept.

2. Explore: By exploring their own environment, they identify and develop concepts, processes and skills. 

3. Explain: Verbal explanation and demonstration of new skills

4. Elaborate: Extension of understanding to practice skills through new situations. 

5. Evaluate: Assess own understanding, and lets teachers evaluate students understanding. 


I really like this approach, and think it is definitely something I want to adopt for Assignment 2. I think it links really strongly into the pedagogy of this course and I can easily adapt and make work when aiming to integrate ICT’s into my teaching!


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