Impact on Classroom Behaviour

28 Mar

The great thing that I have found about doing EDC 3100 ICT and Pedagogy, is that I am transferring knowledge from different courses and integrating them together in my learning. Today, I was at a tutorial for a course I am doing on Managing Challenging Behaviour. My tutor asked the question, “What role do ICT’s have in Behaviour Management?” This made me think, “How could ICT’s assist me in managing challenging behaviour?” I first came up with some very shallow answers, such as using it as a bribe, or reward, or recording information for portfolio’s, and of course the introduction of One School to Education Queensland Behaviour Management Policy. Then I cam accross this video of a school in the States that actually video all classroom experiences. The teacher spoke about the behaviour modifications that can occur for the students, but it also made me think how beneficial this approach could be for teachers in being reflective and positive to feedback. To be able to watch your own teaching, and the way you deal with challenging behaviour, and see what you could improve on could be a great advantage to behaviour management. Food for thought…


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