Using Bloom’s Taxonomy

16 Apr

Throughout this course we have been exposed to a number of different frameworks that we are advised to use in the planning of ICT rich classrooms but also to do with Unit Planning. As I have been working on my Assignment two Unit Plan I have become aware of the need to use a framework in my sequencing, assessment and planning. I have become drawn to the use of Bloom’s Taxonomy in regards to ICT integration in the classroom. I came across this article on the study desk on using Bloom’s with Twitter called 22 Ways to Use Twitter with Bloom’s Taxonomy. I also came across this great little handbook by Churches called Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy, which gives examples and hints on how to incorporate ICT into Bloom’s Taxonomy and using it as a guiding framework for your ICT integration. I’m definitely going to be using Bloom’s as a guide for a lot of my Unit Planning- because of it’s inquiry based nature, it is a wonderful framework to be using in the classroom, especially if we want to be engaging our students in lifelong and authentic learning. 


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