The ease of differentiating through ICT’s

22 Apr

Although I love creating my own resources and really thinking about how I can best differentiate in my classroom, I certainly love it when things make it just a tad bit more easy. I understand that as a teacher I will not have a whole lot of time to be constantly adjusting lessons to differentiate, and as a special education major, I know that I will need to make sure I do this well. Thinking on this, I came across a blog post called ‘Differentiate through ICT’s’ from my peer Jacquie at Go Beyond! She has come to the conclusion that through the use of ICT’s, differentiating is a thousand times easier, and often, the teacher doesn’t even need to do the differentiating, rather, it is left up to the resources. For example online games and activities that have different levels that the teacher can choose (Easy, medium, Hard).. Or the scaffolding that is present in a lot of these games, starting at a beginner level and moving towards a more complex level. Thank goodness for ICT’s. Teachers no longer have any excuse of ‘not having enough time’ to differentiate. Through ICT’s no time (except for firstly finding the ICT’s) needs to be spent in planning to differentiate. Obviously though, differentiating is not always present, and teachers always need to do their bit, but through ICT’s it is a whole lot easier to do! 


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