I will not let an exam result decide my fate

23 Apr

As I was procrastinating from doing assignments this morning I came across a YouTube Channel of Suli Breaks whose career centres around the spoken word. He has done a previous video on why he hates School but loves Education, and this was his sequel to that video. In this video he talks about the fact that at School or a Higher Education we are taught to follow the rules, and follow the tests. If we fail a test, we are uneducated, unintelligent, and have no future. He talks about how students are led to believe that if they do badly at school then they will go no where in life. The way we work our current education system contradicts our current society… The kids we are teaching google, facebook, instagram, tweet, blog and flickr. How can we base education on traditionalist ideas that are contrary to our current society. It makes me think about ICT’s involvement in schooling. I don’t want to be a teacher stuck in the old ways of society… I want to be a teacher that inspires, encourages, and helps others reach their potential whatever way that might be. ICT’s can do this for us… We just have to know how best to use them in the classroom. Food for thought….


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