Professional Experience Preparation

23 Apr

As I was reading a fellow pre-service educator Miss Philp’s blog, I read a recent blog post Week 9, post 3: Where will ideas for Assignment three come from? As soon as I finish one assignment, I see we need to start thinking about the next one! But, this assignment is a little more practical as it is directly related to prac. I had a look in the Week 9 learning path which takes us through all we need to know for professional experience and there were a couple of things that I know I need to dive deeper in before I go… 

1. What model will I be using…. I need to have a greater look at the TIP model which looks at integrating ICT’s into teaching. This blog explains it really well. Have a look at this picture as well to get a greater knowledge of the model.

2. Don’t just substitute, enhance! It’s no good just using the smartboard in the same way I have used a white board… Enhance learning, don’t just substitute it! 

3. Prepare students for a new learning enviroment. This should be one of my biggest purposes as a teacher working with ICT’s… Start to prepare students for real life contexts and new ones so that they are experts.


Definitely some food for thought… 


I also downloaded a lot of the resources I needed for prac so that I could get ahead on it. I already know where I am going, and I am just waiting for final confirmation. I am looking forward to going back to the same school I went to last semester. I am very lucky that I already know the teachers, the school and a lot of the students so I am already one step ahead in my preparation process. 


2 Responses to “Professional Experience Preparation”


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