Addressing Diversity- ending the ‘sameness’ problem

7 May

As I was going through the learning path for this week I was interested in gaining some information about diversity and how we as educators can embrace diversity using ICT’s. I had a look at this brilliant blog post by SpeEdChange called Changing Gears 2012: ending required sameness. Among some really insightful thoughts, the main theme was the fact that in society we are so obessed with everyone being the same- it’s almost unacceptable to be different, but that now we need to start embracing and using diversity to change the world. It is amazing to be different! As a pre-service special education teacher, this really hits home. Only decades ago were people fighting for the right to an education if they had special needs or different needs. It is our responsibility as a society to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to reach their potential, whatever barriers they may face. I know that the Universal Design for Learning is a great model in the classroom to ensure this happens. I also watched this wonderful video by google about the benefits of ICT to aid  in learning and exploration in the classroom. Watch it here. I love the title- Learning independence! Thats what we want, don’t we? Independence of children who may have special needs so that they can interact and live in the world around them successfully, not just to ‘get by’ but to actually make a difference using their own talents! 


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