Digital Citizenship

7 May

As much as it is important to be integrating ICT into all aspects of the classroom I can’t forget that if I want my students to become effective members of society that can handle cultural demands and norms, I need to ensure they have a thorough knowledge and skills set when it comes to technology. It was only once I got into high school that I started to learn more about technology and was rarely ever encouraged and motivated to use it because it was a great way to learn. I was more interested in MSN, myspace or facebook. But now that I have left school I have come to realise how important it is to develop a digital citizenship… This concept is explained here by Mike Ribble in a article entitled Passport to Digital Citizenship. Ribble describes that when people develop their digital capacities (citizenship) they function better in current society. He talks about the 9 aspects of digital citizenship. It’s definitely worth a read- and just reminds me of the importance of teaching and integrating skills into curriculum so that students develop the capacities needed for the future. 



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