UDL- ICT exploration and explanations

7 May

For this weeks learning path we were asked to explore 2 topics of interest and build a set of information and resources on these. One of the topics I chose was the Universal Design for Learning. I explored what this approach meant in relation to ICT and came across my fellow EDC 3100 student, Scott at his blog, Scott’s Uni Blog and read his insightful and details explanation of the UDL process in the classroom involving ICT’s in his post Universal Design in Education (UDE). After developing a great explanation of the UDL in regards to education being a process that is flexible and accommodating to all students, I went on over to scoop.it and had a look at some of the resources and information people had posted.

-I discovered that the use of iPad’s were a great UDL resource and watched this video to get some ideas along with reading the post called 7 Great Strength-Based Universal Design for Learning Apps for Students with Special needs

-The UDL centre has some great resources listed here that you could use in a classroom. 

Dream box has some great ideas for integration of the UDL model in Interactive Whiteboards

VoxoPop is an awesome resource for a voice based learning tool


Loved getting information about this topic that is dear to my heart because I am studying Special Education and is particularly relevant for me in ensuring that I cater to all needs in my classroom. Using scoop.it was great- and I learnt a lot! 


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