Voki- taking the ‘fear’ out of classroom learning

7 May

This week thanks to the EDC 3100 study desk I came across a fantastic resource called Voki. It’s an online service that allows you to create your own speaking avatars! I think this is just genius- at the Official Voki Blog there are dozens of ways that you can integrate this resource into your teaching. It made me think of the times when I was at school and I so badly wanted to contribute to classroom discussions or share an answer or question, or share something that I have learnt but I was too afraid. I was a shy student who was afraid to ‘get it wrong’, and was worried about what people thought of me. I think this resource takes the fear out of classroom learning- really enabling students who were like me to contribute to the classroom community and learn from each other. In a society where we are driven by technology and it is a new social order where we interact via facebook, twitter, blog postings and emails, this is an authentic resource that may give students more of an opportunity to have a ‘voice’ in the classroom. 


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