Professional Experience Reflection

5 Jun

WOW! What an amazing, exhausting, fun-filled, stress-filled, creative, learning experience, prac was. Three weeks just flew by being in a Senior age group at a Special School here in Toowoomba. I had the most incredible mentor, who was available, always to answer my questions, give me feedback, advise, and of course the scariest of them all- constructive critism. I was continually inspired by the work of my fellow teachers at the school, and felt so honoured to be able to go to this school and learn from them. After reading a fellow EDC 3100 student’s post over at Felicia Van Der Meer: Aspire to be all you can be, entitled Finishing prac, I realised how incredible lucky I was to have amazing ICT resources at my finger tips. The IWB was my saviour. I don’t remember doing a lesson without it. Not only did it synthesise my planning, but it engaged my students and helped them learn. Being in an environment where students need a lot of extra support and explicit teaching, breaking it up and showing it in different forms using the IWB was so important. I think if any school deserves this kind of ICT, it’s a special school. But, I realise that not everyone had this experience. ICT’s are great… But what about those who don’t have access to them. 


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