I will not let an exam result decide my fate

23 Apr

As I was procrastinating from doing assignments this morning I came across a YouTube Channel of Suli Breaks whose career centres around the spoken word. He has done a previous video on why he hates School but loves Education, and this was his sequel to that video. In this video he talks about the fact that at School or a Higher Education we are taught to follow the rules, and follow the tests. If we fail a test, we are uneducated, unintelligent, and have no future. He talks about how students are led to believe that if they do badly at school then they will go no where in life. The way we work our current education system contradicts our current society… The kids we are teaching google, facebook, instagram, tweet, blog and flickr. How can we base education on traditionalist ideas that are contrary to our current society. It makes me think about ICT’s involvement in schooling. I don’t want to be a teacher stuck in the old ways of society… I want to be a teacher that inspires, encourages, and helps others reach their potential whatever way that might be. ICT’s can do this for us… We just have to know how best to use them in the classroom. Food for thought….


Top 10 Reason’s to use a blog in the classroom

16 Apr

In this week’s learning path we have been talking about the need to distinguish technology use and integration, and why this is key in the classroom. Particularly, I learnt that technology use often involves only one person, where as the integration of technology becomes a collaborative approach. I came across this video about blogging in the classroom and it has testimonies from students as to why they like blogging in the classroom. From this video it is clear to see that blogging is a collaborative and joint effort and is a way to communicate with others. For this reason, blogging is a way to integrate technology in your teaching which can be transferred to home environments.


Impact on Classroom Behaviour

28 Mar

The great thing that I have found about doing EDC 3100 ICT and Pedagogy, is that I am transferring knowledge from different courses and integrating them together in my learning. Today, I was at a tutorial for a course I am doing on Managing Challenging Behaviour. My tutor asked the question, “What role do ICT’s have in Behaviour Management?” This made me think, “How could ICT’s assist me in managing challenging behaviour?” I first came up with some very shallow answers, such as using it as a bribe, or reward, or recording information for portfolio’s, and of course the introduction of One School to Education Queensland Behaviour Management Policy. Then I cam accross this video of a school in the States that actually video all classroom experiences. The teacher spoke about the behaviour modifications that can occur for the students, but it also made me think how beneficial this approach could be for teachers in being reflective and positive to feedback. To be able to watch your own teaching, and the way you deal with challenging behaviour, and see what you could improve on could be a great advantage to behaviour management. Food for thought…


Are we failing our Students?

14 Mar

I watched this video through the EDC 3100 Diigo group and was very much confronted with the fact that we are living in a digital age, and we therefore need to be providing students with the opportunity to engage in these. Not using ICT’s in the classroom is like expecting a person to eat meat for lunch at school, even though they are a vegetarian for breakfast and lunch at home. Students are surrounded and immersed in technology, and by not providing it for them at school, we are living under a rock. Chances are, the children I teach in the classroom, will be more able to use technology then myself. We owe it to these children to give them every chance they can to become autonomous, lifelong learners!


Sugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud

1 Mar

This is a fascinating talk by Sugata Mitra on student-centred learning where children learn from each other. In regards to ICT education- the hole in the wall experiment gives me hope for a generation of young people that I will be in contact with. In particular I think of the article we discussed in our Tutorial this week: “Five things we need to know about technological change.” That the advantages and disadvantages of technology is never equally distributed amongst the general population. In regards to children who come from low-socio-economic homes, that do not have access to ICT, I think, it gives me hope that although, they do not have access to this information, they have the potential to use it for good. It also makes me mad, that children are so obviously intelligent enough to understand how to use ICT’s, but do not have access to it.

One of the other questions Mitra posed was if, because we have information at the tip of our fingers, for when we need it. Will it be necessary to have schools in the future. So many young people speak about learning things at school that they will never use again, but what if one day they didn’t have to. That they learnt what they needed to learn, from each other.

This video has definitely made me think about ICT’s and the potential good/bad that could come from it.